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Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire

We are New Hampshire’s Premier Urgent Dental Care Center. The first of its kind in all of New England and proudly serving patients in our Manchester, NH Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care location since 2006. In addition to our quality emergency dental care, we are also pleased to offer all types of nonemergency general dentistry and even dental hygiene. Treatment is often provided same day, or scheduled at your convenience.

Our team is competent, warm, and friendly, with the ability to put all patients at ease—even during urgent situations. Well-trained in all aspects of dentistry, we all want to ensure that every patient who walks through the door is happy with the care they receive.

Our practice is built on solid core values: trust, respect, professionalism, friendliness, and approachability. We strive to educate our patients so they can achieve optimal health.

We all have the same goal in mind, which is providing our patients with the best in oral health care. Our entire team of professionals loves what they do, and they are committed to providing comfortable, compassionate, and consistent care.

Meet Our Team

George C. Solanek, DDS

Dr. George Solanek is the owner of Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care in Manchester, NH, the flagship location for the Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire organization. His dental center is the first of its kind in NH, and for the past decade, it has served as the cornerstone for Urgent Dental Care for our area and beyond.

Dr. Solanek ascended from humbling beginnings, when his family moved from Romania to the United States as a young child. He was raised in the Manchester area, where he immersed himself in the culture and community. Even with the odds against him, he had the drive and initiative to learn the language and skills necessary to propel him to the top of his classes so that he could one day move on to study dentistry.

His passion for intellectual challenge and adventure resulted in his matriculation to the Dalhousie School of Dental Medicine in Halifax. After receiving his doctorate, he returned to the Manchester area, where he has honed his surgical, endodontic, and restorative dental skills to an elite level so that he could be a premier provider of urgent dental care to the residents of the greater Manchester area.

Many urgent care patients tend to have dental phobia, and Dr. Solanek uses his unique brand of humor and dental intellect to calm patients and educate them about their dental needs and procedures. He simplifies very complex circumstances so that patients can easily understand how to go about repairing years of dental neglect.

Dr. Solanek always utilizes the most technologically advanced materials and protocols that dental science has to offer for the benefit of his patients' experiences and oral health. He attends dozens of hours of seminars and continuing education lectures from the world’s leading professionals every year and has gained the loyalty of thousands of appreciative patients who once thought they were beyond hope, restoring both their smiles and their faith in dentistry. Dr. Solanek takes great pride in rehabilitating patients' oral health as well as their perception of dentistry, which often stems from misperceptions of the unknown.

Dr. Solanek’s professional success arises from a strong sense of dedication, and this is evident in his personal life as well. His wife, Claudia, serves as the business manager for our Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care. Their two young boys are a constant source of joy and entertainment outside of work. As a family, they enjoy traveling, Karate, soccer, and many functions with extended family.

Dr. Solanek is as appreciative of his patients as they are of him. He gains an immense amount of satisfaction and pride every time he has the pleasure of treating a patient, particularly a patient who presents with some great challenges. He welcomes anyone who has a dental emergency or even just requires routine dental care to seek the services of himself and our entire talented team of associate dental professionals.

Danny Chiang, DMD

I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to influence patients’ lives in a very positive way. I take great pride in being able to relieve patients of discomfort and years of neglect and truly give them a smile they are proud of. Helping people is my passion, and I am honored to be able to do so every single day. – Danny Chiang, DMD

Dr. Danny Chiang is a professional in comprehensive restorative dentistry. He began his professional journey at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, where he received a degree in biology and pre-medical sciences. His experiences in college helped him to gravitate to the dental field. He attended the prestigious Boston University School of Dental Medicine, where he earned his doctorate in dentistry. He went on to complete an advanced education in dentistry through a residency program at Wichita State University, where he was able to further advance his clinical skills and solidify his devotion to dentistry.

Dr. Chiang had been practicing in a high-profile cosmetic practice in Boston, but his family roots in New Hampshire drew him closer to home. He joined our group of practitioners at Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire in Manchester and has been a very well-received addition to our practice. The combination of his talents and gentle, amicable demeanor make for an ideal clinician.

In order to enhance his knowledge in many aspects of dentistry, Dr. Chiang continues his education through seminars with both local and national dental societies and has completed over 500 hours of continuing education. It is his goal to always provide the best and most up-to-date care for his patients.

Dr. Chiang grew up in Concord, New Hampshire, where his parents still live and run a restaurant. He now lives with his wife, Lisa, and a Chihuahua named Gau. Dr. Chiang enjoys working out, travelling, and relaxing at home. He is a movie buff and loves to watch all varieties of film. His additional hobbies include technology, computers, and cars.

Dr. Chiang looks forward to meeting new patients and welcomes anyone looking for emergency or routine dental care to come experience Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire.

Caroline Clerisme, DMD

Dr. Caroline Clerisme earned her doctorate degree at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Clerisme is highly committed to clinical excellence and consistently attends continuing education courses to remain up to date on new advancements and state-of-the-art dentistry. She currently is progressing through the internationally renowned and highly regarded Spear Dental Education workshops and is also active in Spear study clubs.

As a former instructor at Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Clerisme has the ability and patience to explain every procedure in detail for your peace of mind. Rest assured that you are in good hands! Her skills and compassion have been recognized by our patients and have received much acclaim. Many patients who were previously fearful of dentistry have been rehabilitated by her graceful demeanor and approach.

Dr. Clerisme is a member of the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, and National Dental Association. In 2015, Dr. Clerisme was selected to be a participant of the Massachusetts Dental Society Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute is a two-year program designed to provide dentists with the tools and training to become effective civic leaders in their communities, non-profit organizations, or professional associations on a local, state, or national level.

When Dr. Clerisme is not involved in dentistry, she enjoys traveling, attending concerts, mentoring young individuals, and providing counseling and guidance to colleagues and friends on personal finance management. She very much looks forward to the opportunity to meet new patients and address your dental needs.

David Yue, DDS

Dr. David Yue graduated from Stanford University and received his dental training from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco. He then joined the United States Navy for a oneyear postgraduate residency for advanced education in general dentistry, where he received intensive training in multiple dental specialties and advanced dental care.

In 2009, he deployed to Afghanistan with the US Marines to provide dental services and casualty care in Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. Upon his return, he transferred to Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, where he quickly developed a reputation as a skilled, gentle, and compassionate dentist.

In order to better serve his patients, Dr. Yue has completed over 500 hours of continuing education. This extra curriculum included intense hands-on training in dental laser therapeutics, implants, CEREC, and Invisalign, as well as advanced techniques in oral surgery, periodontics, and endodontics.

Dr. Yue is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry, and a Lieutenant in the US Navy Reserves. He is a certified Invisalign doctor, a licensed Nd:YAG laser provider, and LANAP practitioner. Dr. Yue has been a well-received addition to our team at Urgent Dental Care of NH.

In his spare time, Dr. Yue enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending time with his wife, Silvia, and his two children, Kylie and Rylan.