Emergency Services

If one of your teeth is knocked out or you have sudden, severe tooth pain in Amoskeag, NH, it’s important to know what to do. Calling Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire will ensure that you get the fastest, friendliest dental service available.

Serving the community for over a decade, our emergency dental staff is proud to offer high-quality urgent dental care, advanced technology, and a comfortable environment. If you have a dental emergency in Amoskeag, NH, you can trust us to be there for you. We’ll give you immediate, compassionate care so that you can return to normal as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure if you have a dental emergency, call Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire and we’ll help you decide if you should see one of our emergency dentists.

Types of Dental Emergencies We Treat

At Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire, we understand that sudden, painful changes in your teeth and gums can be alarming – and they should be! Getting dental treatment as soon as possible is always a good idea to prevent long-lasting or irreversible damage.

If you’re ever unsure whether you need emergency dental care in Amoskeag, NH, please call our dental office immediately at (603) 841-2969. If your situation is urgent, we will instruct you on any first aid before you visit our emergency dental care center.

If your condition isn’t urgent, we will schedule you to come in as soon as possible for dental treatment and pain relief, if needed. Our skilled dentists treat all dental conditions – even non-emergency ones!

Common dental emergency conditions we treat include:

  • Abscessed tooth
  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Trauma to teeth or gums (falls, car accidents, sports injuries, etc.)

If you have a broken jaw, lacerations on your face, or nonstop bleeding due to bodily trauma, please go to the nearest emergency room immediately and contact our dental office when you arrive.

How Do I Know If I Have a Dental Emergency?

When you’re in severe pain, all you know is that you want relief. Deciding what to do can be confusing!

At Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire, we can help you determine if you should come in immediately or whether it can wait a few days. We know that you don’t want to come in unless you have to, yet you also may need pain relief and peace of mind. Our goal is to be here for you no matter what your needs.

Check the dental conditions below to see if your situation warrants an immediate visit to your emergency dentist in Amoskeag, NH.

Trauma, Accidents, and Injuries

If you suffer an injury to your mouth, you might need to see the emergency dentist right away. If your tooth is cracked, broken, or has completely fallen out, you likely will need immediate care.

When your tooth has been completely knocked out, immediate attention is particularly important so that we can try to save your tooth.

If you have the knocked-out tooth, we may be able to put it back in the socket. Check tips below to see how to take care of a knocked-out tooth until you get to our urgent dental care facility in Amoskeag, NH. Once the tooth is safe, call our urgent dental care dental office at (603) 627-3927 right away.


One of the most common reasons patients need to be seen right away is when toothache pain not only lingers but also gets progressively worse. When it comes to pain in your mouth, there is just one rule of thumb: It is never normal!

We frequently see patients who complain of a severe toothache. In many cases, an infection in the pulp of the tooth is causing the pain. In these situations, we may need to perform a root canal to save the tooth. First, we’ll take an x-ray to diagnose the extent of the problem.

Toothaches happen for other reasons, too, including gum infections or abscesses. A cracked or lost filling can also cause pain.

If you have a severe toothache, please call our Amoskeag, NH urgent care dental office right away so we can help.

Some situations might be uncomfortable, but they’re not likely to be dental emergency. These include:

  • A lost crown or filling
  • Food stuck between your teeth
  • Mild pain in your mouth that is more annoying than severe

If the pain is mild and you can manage it with an over-the-counter pain reliever, we will be happy to schedule you for a dental appointment! We may even be able to see you the same day.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency

If you have severe tooth or gum pain, a broken or knocked-out tooth, or another serious dental problem, call Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire at (603) 627-3927.

One of our compassionate, knowledgeable staff members will give you any first aid advice and let our emergency dentists know to expect you in our Amoskeag, NH urgent dental care center.

What Should I Do If a Tooth Filling Falls Out?

Biting into something that’s too hard or just having an old, weakened tooth filling can cause it to break or fall out. Dental fillings can also fall out due to tooth decay underneath.

If a tooth filling falls out, you’ll probably feel pain and sensitivity that you can treat with over-the-counter pain relievers until you see us for a regular appointment. Call Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire so that we can find out more about the problem and schedule a dental exam and replacement filling.

What If I Lose a Dental Crown?

If you lose a dental crown, avoid biting down on the tooth, as it may be weakened and sensitive. Save the crown if you still have it, and call our urgent care dental center immediately to schedule a regular dental crown appointment.

It’s important to treat the tooth and protect it right away, but losing a dental crown is not usually a dental emergency. When you call our Amoskeag, NH dental office, help you schedule a dental crown appointment.

What If My Tooth Gets Cracked?

If a chip in your tooth is minor, it probably isn’t urgent. You should still call us to schedule a dental exam, however, because the tooth may be weakened and need treatment.

A large or severe crack in a tooth needs immediate attention in our Amoskeag, NH emergency dental care center. Contact us so we can schedule an emergency dental visit.

I Have a Knocked Out Tooth! What Should I Do?

Teeth can dislodge for many reasons, including biting down on something hard or a blow to the mouth. If you have bodily injury that needs immediate attention, go to the nearest emergency room and call our dental office after you arrive.

If you have the knocked-out tooth, we may be able to save it. See if you can find the tooth that was lost and put it back in its socket, handling it as little as possible. Bite down gently on clean, wet gauze or wet tea bag and be sure not to swallow the tooth!

If the tooth won’t stay in the socket until you see an emergency dentist in Amoskeag, NH, rinse the tooth and place it in a container of milk or your own saliva. It’s important to keep the tooth moist until you arrive at Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire.

Do You See Patients for Emergency Tooth Extractions?

While our first priority is saving your natural tooth, we will perform an emergency tooth extraction when needed. Teeth that are severely injured at the root may not be good candidates for root canals.

How to Contact Us in a Dental Emergency

Call our urgent dental care center at (603) 841-2969 if you have a dental emergency.

Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire is the first dental practice with its own emergency dental care facility in the state of New Hampshire!

We can treat dental emergencies any time during regular business hours. There are no extra or additional charges when patients come in on an emergency basis.

In addition to emergency dental care in Amoskeag, NH, we offer non-emergency general dentistry and dental hygiene services, including dental exams and cleanings, root canals, wisdom teeth extractions, dental crowns, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, and much more.

Call Amoskeag Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire

Whether you have a toothache or a broken tooth, dental problems take away your peace of mind. We welcome you to our state-of-the-art emergency dental care center and will help restore your smile while helping you stay comfortable.

If you have a dental emergency, call our Amoskeag, NH emergency dental care center immediately at (603) 627-3927.